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Robosoup is a London (Windsor) based AI and machine learning software development consultancy specialising in prediction algorithms, information extraction and multimedia classification.

The goal of Robosoup is to democratise AI, bringing the benefits of machine learning to businesses of all sectors and sizes. Driven by breakthroughs in deep learning research, machines can now understand natural language and images better than ever before.

We’ve helped clients across healthcare, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, finance, branding and marketing to reap the rewards of intelligent automated processes. Automate mundane tasks and free your workforce to focus on activities that add greater business value.

We build everything from smart algorithms to entire full stack software systems, using python, TensorFlow, dotnet, Azure and more. The business benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning are limitless.

Let us know about your business and we will be happy to show you how AI and machine learning can revolutionise the way you work.

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