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COVID-19: Thoughts from Robosoup


Learning from History: A Goal? A Delusion? A Trap?


Work Experience at Robosoup

work experience

Measuring the similarity of books using Doc2vec and TensorFlow


Celebrity Style Transfer


Horse Racing and the Wisdom of Crowds

Horse Racing

AI Augmented Creativity


Building Scalable AI Solutions


CRM: 5 Ways Machine Learning Creates Value

human machine collaboration

Semantically Ordering Word Lists in Python


Sentiment Analysis with Python


Machine Learning: 4 Steps to Improve Business

robot boss

Grow Your Business with Machine Learning


The Revolution Hidden in Plain Sight


Baidu Open-Sources AI Secrets

sound waves

From Deep Blue to Deep Trouble?

deep blue under water

Linear Regression C#

linear regression

Flocking Boids C#

flock of birds

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