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At Robosoup we are proud to support the work experience programme with local schools. Last week we had the pleasure of being joined by Marina who is currently studying for her Computer Science A Level.

This is her account…

During my week of work experience at Robosoup, I learnt many new skills such as how to use GIMP photo editor, SQL Server Management Studio for database queries, Power BI and Synoptic Panel Custom Visual – software which I wasn’t even aware existed – that many organisations do in fact use.

I was also able to showcase my data flow diagram knowledge; which I am currently learning in school as part of my Computer Science A Level, in order to help a customer understand the logic behind a complex segment of code.

Working alongside such a friendly group of individuals within the computing industry, has made me more aware about the vast diversity of roles that are available around the world.

During my week, I helped with general hardware/software tasks such as setting up my own PC – which I was going to be using for that week, as well as manipulating and presenting data for the Heathrow’s baggage handling system.

They also helped better my understanding of what AI can do to help businesses become more sustainable and effective. The team were patient, helpful and welcoming towards me. They encouraged me to focus on my A-Levels, whilst assuring me that I am on the right path for what I want to do in the future.

In the upcoming weeks, I hope to stay in contact with the team and visit London Heathrow Airport, to see the current baggage handling process in person.

I really enjoyed my time and urge young individuals to reach out and discover more about AI.

Marina, aged 17.

Marina is very talented and we’re sure she will do very well in whatever direction her studies and career choices ultimately take her!

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